Thursday, April 25, 2013

Barb Rentenbach Presentation

Barb began this presentation by typing: "dear utk autism is my prism not my prison"

- Dr. Prislovsky has worked with Barb for over 10 years and read excerpts from the book she and Bard wrote entitled "I Might Be You"

- Barb say- Autism is not designed for physical or mental juggling

1. Discover- find out who person is and help him/her
2. Persevere- dont give up
3. Remember we are all the same
4. Allow person time each day to be inside autism
5. Open- keep an open mind and consider other forms of communication
6. Empower- autistic person should have power- offer responsibility and we may take it

- Flower metaphor
--> just like no standard flower theres no standard race

- What is autism?
Autism is a type of neurology. (no comparisons, no judging)

- We know there are functional and structural differences in people with autism

- Individuals with autism often relate better with objects rather than people. Often completely immersed in systems, processing, and order

- When we medicate ADHD away, how many entrepreneurs don't happen? Seek stimulation

-People with dislexia are twice as likely to be entrepreneurs than people without dislexia

material thinking- ordinary perception of time and space
interconnectedness- piecing together big picture
narrative- have ability to make amazing images
dynamic thinking- being able to interpret what comes next
**benefits to all types of diversity**

-find out who you are and be that on purpose- Barbs favorite quote

-Began typing in therapy to display love of history

-Sometimes to connect you need to relate (ex- not speaking a lot when dealing with people who may be nonverbal) MEET THESE INDIVIDUALS WHERE THEY ARE

- Respect interests. Build on strengths, find out where they are comfortable, be patient-- it takes time (everything is within walking distance if you have the time)

- Barb is a brillant thinker

- We are all flecks of God- all diverse- all important to this world

- DVD- meaning of life

- Proving alternative forms of communication is as important as education gets
- Book took 10 years to write
- first part of book was written by hand-over-hand support
  second part of book written using progressively less suport
- be patient- there are more autistics now because of evolution
- silence opens worlds of communications
- remember who you are and what you are here to teach-- do that for your students. students embrace the ladder and get out your colored chalk--> it is time to brighten the world

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