Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 (p. 137-149)
(3) You have now read several views about intelligence. What do you think about intelligence?
Is it one trait or many? more heavily influenced by nature or nurture? a fixed capacity or a
modifiable ability? Articulate your views in a paragraph of 6-8 sentences. 

I believe that intelligence is one trait, with many different domains. I think that everyone has a type of intelligence, and teachers need to focus on the individual intelligence of each student. I agree with Howard Gardner's multiple Intelligences, where people have many different types of intelligence that are virtually independent of one another. I believe that everyone is instilled with intelligence by nature, and by nurturing intelligence we can allow it to grow and foster. So, I personally believe that intelligence is a modifiable ability and as we grow, change, learn, and are exposed to new experiences then intelligence has the ability to change. Overall, I believe that everyone in innately born with intelligence of some sort, and educators are given the responsibility to foster this intelligence and explore students individual strengths and weaknesses.  

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